Partnering with innovation for a sustainable & healthy future

Endeavouring to minimise micro mobility theft, emissions and promoting health with the transportation options of bikes and scooters. Australia’s smart bike parking solutions and structures.

Micro Mobility

EOT & Commercial Joinery

Solar Structures


Partnering with innovation for a sustainable & healthy future.

Smart Cities

Active Transport

Circular Economy


Developing more sustainable & healthy practices, implementing innovative new designs for the end user and cross functioning of our divisions ensuring quality, capability and sustainability.


Family owned and operated we have been building and installing outdoor structures across the country for the past 20 years. We have now established emicro and are partnering with Bikeep to introduce a range of mobility products into the Australian market.

We established emicro to:

  • Keep e-mobility vehicle theft to a minimum,
  • Promote good health outcomes for individuals by encouraging cycling and scooters to be the active choice for transportation, and
  • minimise emissions through solar and smart technology.
  • Capturing our products with Smart City, Active Transport and Circular Economy Initiatives
  • Micro Mobility, Solar Structures, Joinery, Carpentry and Smart Street Furniture.