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Smart Bike Lockers

emicro Smart Locker provides secure parking in any condition

Initially made for long-term bike parking, we developed our smart lockers with our customers. The result is innovation at its best: no need for clumsy keys, the locker is opened and closed through the Bikeep app or Contactless card (RFID/NFC), may it be a transit or an employee/student card of your choice.

  • smart sharing system
  • no need for physical keys
  • elegant design
  • e-bike charging
  • centric admin panel for user management
  • rectangular or trapezoidal shape

How the Smart Locker works

With the growing popularity of e-bikes, smart solutions for their storage and charging need to be provided as a part of micromobility infrastructure. With our clients, we developed the Smart Bike Locker that helps to save space thanks to its sharing system, which frees you of physical keys and headaches. Gives you necessary data on usage and helps with planning your next infrastructure additions.

Solar or battery powered stations enable easy installs

Putting up a station no longer requires pavement opening or complicated electricity work.

Access control and abandoned bike identification

Registered users can be easily contacted and requested to collect their property.

E-bike charging

The electric bicycle market is growing rapidly. emicro not only stores the bike but enables e-bike charging as well. Line power required*

Enables paid bike parking

A bike locker can be reserved in advance for an extra fee and is always available for premium users.

Smart solution-no need for physical keys

emicro Smart bike lockers is opened with an app or RFID card. Save time and manpower by managing everything online.

Activate monthly passes

Easy monthly pass management from console.bikeep.com

Industry-leading security

The bike locker ensures safe storing for the bike, for the removable details and protects it from the weather.

Fast and easy locking

Bikeep integrates with existing systems through contactless cards (RFID/NFC), Bikeep mobile application, or API.