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Micro Mobility Hubs

Custom Fit Outs with smart dock technology integration

Bespoke cycle hubs that are tailored for safety, security and covered bike parking solutions. These cycle hubs can be installed in railway stations, shopping centres, schools & campuses, office buildings, apartments, banks and outdoor urban areas. Cycle hubs are cost-effective strategies for your bike parking needs.

Bike Parking Drawings

Our drafting team will turn your micro-mobility concept into a reality with industry knowledge and experience. Working closely with our clients we will produce a structurally complete and aesthetic drawing.

We have an experienced and innovative team of shop detailers that can turn a concept into a drawn structural masterpiece. Need a Rendered Concept for your company’s micro-mobility vision? We can also provide this.

We can help turn your 2D concept into a 3D Render that captures true meaning to the product you envision.


Taking the manufactured product and installing it is where our project managers shine.

Creating and executing the project from start to finish gives the client an experience they will not forget. If you need a project to be delivered with ease, you have found the right place with our project management team being some of the best.