1. Emicro Drafting Services

Emicro Drafting Services

Turning Concepts into Reality

Looking for a team of experienced designers and engineering drafters?

Our team can provide you with all the civil, structural and mechanical drafting you need. We have experience in a wide range of industries, so no matter what your project is, we can help.

With our team’s expertise, you’ll be able to rest easy knowing that your project is in good hands. We’ll take care of everything from start to finish so you can focus on other aspects of your business.

A team of experienced designers and engineers are on hand to turn your vision into reality. With our industry knowledge, the emicro drafting staff can provide services from civil engineering to mechanical designs all in one place! We use 3D modelling software that captures every detail of what you want created – this way there will be no requirement left unfulfilled when we’re done with the production design for each project.

emicro is a company located in the Hunter Region that offers drafting services including industrial design, civil, structural design, mechanical design and drafting, mining design, engineering design, machinery design, and shop details. We have a team of experienced professionals who can handle any type of drafting project you may have. We use 3D modelling to capture the complete design of your project and create it ready for production. We also liaise with other drafting companies, architects and engineers to make sure that the drawings we produce are to the highest standard.

From hand sketch concepts, Shop details to 3D renders – emicro drafting can take you through the journey of creating a seamless project.

  • Civil
  • Structural
  • Mechanical
  • Custom Projects
  • Product Design and Drafting

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