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Smart Scooter Stations


Are you determined to tame the disarray that e-scooters can bring? Great. We are too

Personal e-scooters are banned from indoors. At the same time, people have started to use more and more of them therefore the buildings that wish to still welcome the micromobility users need to provide some parking and re-charging options for them.

Are your facilities ready to welcome the micromobility users?
  • Shopping Centres
  • Office buildings
  • Universities

Instantly useful and practical

  • Locking e-scooters via the app or contactless (RFID/NFC) card
  • Scooter charging while they are parkeds
  • Get full real-time overview and usage info (statistics)
  • Remote management for the stations (open/close/reserve)

Default options:
Feature Default
Standard colors Body: RAL5008 (Gray-blue)
Legs and locking bar:
RAL6018 (Yellow-green)
Contactless card
Integrated chargers
Integrated contactless
card reader (RFID reader).
42V 1.7A (71W) chargers
with standard DC connector.
Segway Ninebot ES1, ES2,
ES4 or Xiaomi M365/Pro.
The default station works with
contactless cards and Bikeep
Scooter chargers require a line
power connection.
Third-party charger adds extra
handling costs


Additional information

Weight260 kg