1. Micro Mobility
  2. Changing the Urban Landscape

Changing the Urban Landscape


As micromobility usage is skyrocketing in the cities emicro is providing the necessary infrastructure to enable more efficient use of e-bikes and e-scooters, as well as standard bikes.

Through our partnership with Bikeep we are challenging the ideology that parking space is permanent or set in stone. Instead, by adding our smart IoT, lockers can be shared among users: the on-demand solution.

Bikeep CEO Kristjan Lind explains, “We need to think how our future cities will look and function like. The car-centric approach is declining and as more and more people turn to more sustainable methods of transportation, our mission is to provide them with the infrastructure, support and ecosystem that will encourage them to use bicycles and scooters as the primary means of transportation.”

We are excited to start laying out a strong partnership system with transit companies, local councils, companies, and real estate developers to bring emicro to cities across Australia.

Already operating in over 21 countries, Bikeep is being successfully used to fight against bike theft, to increase bike usage, and to meet the demands for e-bike charging stations.

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