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Fuelling the Future: How Western Australia is Supporting EV Adoption

Senior man biking in the park as a form of eco transport

Electric vehicles (EVs) are rapidly becoming a popular choice for transportation in Australia due to their reduced emissions and lower fuel costs. However, a lack of charging infrastructure remains one of the biggest barriers to EV adoption. In response, the McGowan government in Western Australia has launched a $15 million “Charge Up Workplace Grant Program.

The Charge Up Workplace Grant Program: Powering Up EV Infrastructure

The program offers small businesses, NGOs, and local governments a discount on the price of installing EV charging stations for staff. The initial round of the program will provide $3.75 million in grants to cover around half the costs of buying and installing charging stations and associated software.

The grants will fund up to four Level Two EV chargers (7 to 22kW AC) per site, for up to five sites, and cover 50% of installation costs with a cap of $5,000 per site in metropolitan areas and $10,000 per site in regional and remote areas. Additionally, a two-year smart charging software subscription will be covered at 75% of the cost. The maximum grant value per approved applicant is $50,000 in metropolitan areas and $75,000 in regional and remote areas.

From Sun to Charger: Prioritising Sustainable Charging Practices

The program priorities daytime charging, enabling EV owners to charge up from solar energy that powers the grid during the day. Charging stations will be funded in workplaces and destinations where people typically spend time during the day, such as car parks, hospitality businesses, tourist attractions, parks, and beaches.

Race to Charge: The Australian Push for EV Charging Infrastructure

The WA charging station grants program is part of a wave of announcements about increasing Australia’s EV charging network. The NSW government recently announced that if re-elected, it would add 30,000 public charging stations to the state. However, it is crucial that the charging network rollout is done properly and with good charging standards.

Moving Towards a Sustainable and Low-Carbon Future for Australia.

Round one applications for WA’s EV charging station grants program opened in February and close on the 12th of May. The program is a step forward in the transition to a sustainable and low-carbon future for Australia.