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  2. Micro Mobility’s role in reviving Sydney’s night time economy

Micro Mobility’s role in reviving Sydney’s night time economy

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In 2020 the NSW Government presented the 24-Hour Economy Strategy. The Strategy lays out a unified vision that will transform Greater Sydney into a 24-hour economy centre that is vibrant, diverse, inclusive and safe.

One of its 5 strategic pillars includes:

  • Explore ways to enhance mobility and improve connectivity between 24-hour hubs through safe and reliable transport

The report states, “The goal is to create interconnectivity between public transport, on-demand services and ‘active’ modes of transport, such as cycling and walking, 24-hours a day.

Through Emicro, we know first-hand the importance and the benefits of bicycle infrastructure within our urban areas. These include:

  • Easy access to explore and experience what the city has to offer
  • Promotion of sustainable practices
  • Provides security and reduces bike theft

The repost continues, “There is an opportunity to make travel a much more integrated part of the 24- hour experience, which enhances, rather than detracts from a night out — how we create more enjoyable, inspiring and even entertaining environments along commuter pathways at night.